Mobile NBA Betting USA

Although basketball is an international sport, nowhere is the sport more popular than in the United States. For most Americans, basketball plays an integral role in the sporting community. When it comes to the NBA, most fans never miss a game and know each and every player in the league. The NBA is considered to be one of the most prestigious basketball leagues in the world. It is no wonder then that mobile and online NBA Betting has become one of the biggest betting markets in the US today. With mobile betting, Americans can always keep in touch with the latest scores, stats and betting odds. Bettors can place multiple bets and even cash out their winnings directly from their tablets or smartphones.

About the NBA

For those who are new to basketball and NBA betting, there are a few things to take note of. It is important to note that the NBA season runs from October to mid-April and is made up of 30 basketball teams.  There are two major NBA events where betting is at its highest; these are the NBA All-star game and the NBA Championship. All-Star games made up of the Eastern Conference All Stars and the Western Conference All Stars. The NBA Championship is the final series between the two best teams in the NBA. This is a seven game series and bets can be placed on the series as a whole or each individual game.

Types of Mobile NBA Betting

In Basketball, there are a large number of bets that can be placed on any one game. Some of the most commonly placed bets are shown below:

  • Straight win – This is a simple bet on who a bettor thinks will win the game.
  • Over/ Under bets – In Over/Under bets, mobile betting sites set a total number of points to be scored between the two teams combined, and bettors can bet whether the actual amount of points scored will be over or under the set total.
  • Line betting – Line betting is essentially margin betting. Here the sports booker chooses the favorite in a game and then offers a ‘line’, that the favorites are predicted to win by. The bettor can then bet on whether the underdog will finish within that margin or win the game.
  • Future bets – In NBA betting, at the beginning of the season, bettors can bet on which team will win the series, which player will win the Most Valuable Player award, who will score the most points as well as many other individual and team awards.
  • Prop bets – These are more interesting bets that can be placed on any game such as, which team will score first or how many points and rebounds and individual player will make.

Tips to Start Betting

For a novice bettor, the best way to start with mobile NBA betting is by placing a small win/lose bet. Once a bettor knows more about the NBA teams, the players and the coaches, they can then move on to more complicated and exotic type of bets. Before an upcoming game, attention should be paid to recent performance statistics as well as historical data between the two opposing teams. If you have your tablet or Smartphone handy, you can start with NBA betting straight away. To get you started we have created a list of the best US-friendly mobile and online sports betting sites right here.