Mobile Horse Betting

Horse betting is extremely popular with American bettors and many others around the globe. We have put together a list of the very best mobile sites for you so that you can have easy access to the very best odds and betting options no matter where you are. With a multitude of betting possibilities and betting wager levels, novices and experts alike will be able to find the perfect match for them. Horse races offer an exhilarating plane for placing bets and now you can access the excitement of betting on the races from your chosen mobile device.

Horse Betting Mobile Sites

Horse betting offers American bettors this thrill of the races via online and more specifically, mobile bookmakers like the brilliant sites listed here. Busy schedules and day to day life means that making your way to the track is difficult and often not an option due to time constraints. More than this, there are so many exciting races on an international scale and mobile sites make these readily available to American bettors. You can place bets from virtually anywhere (giving that your mobile device has an active internet connection) and at any time that suits you!

Various Types of Horse Bets

Horse betting offers great variety from low wager bets to high roller bets allowing any American bettor to enjoy the betting experience.  Moreover, there is a vast and extremely diverse variety of mobile bets that can be placed. These bets include basic bets such as straights bets and more complex bets such as multi bets and exotic bets. Examples of straight bets include bets such as the Win bet in which you simply select the winner of the race. Place bets ask the bettor to determine which horses will finish in a placed position, in other words, second place onwards (for a paying position). The Each Way bet is a combination of these two bets.

Multi Horse Betting Options

Horse betting often offers American bettors the opportunity to place bets that span across multiple races in various combinations. This means that you can bet on the outcomes of several races as opposed to a single race. Some examples of this type of bet include Doubles, Trebles, and Parlays. Doubles refers to a Win bet over the span of two separate races. You need to be successful in your selection of both races in order to win. The Trebles bet operates under the same principle as Doubles except that the bet spans over three races. The Parlay bet, also known as Ups or Accumulators, require the bettor to be successful in selecting the winner of a pre-determined series of races.

Start Horse Betting Now

Horse betting offers American bettors exotic options such as the Quinella (two horses that place 1st and 2nd regardless of order), Exacta (exactly like Quinella but with a specific order), Trifecta (selecting the 1st three positions in correct order) and more. ‘

At the sportsbooks we suggest that offer mobile betting you can enjoy horse betting at your convenience. Pick up your iPhone, iPad or android and indulge in the best horse betting at the finest American-friendly mobile sports betting sites today!