Mobile Betting Financial USA

For many US sports fans, the idea of betting on the stock market is a bit out of the ordinary. In essence, financial online betting is just like any other type of sports bet with similar odds and betting opportunities. In any given day, markets rise and fall in response to local and international affairs. Placing a bet on what a stock will do on a particular day is no more farfetched than predicting who will win the Super bowl at the end of the season. In the US, mobile financial betting is one the rise. With mobile betting, anyone can place an online bet directly from their tablet or smartphone.

Mobile Financial Betting USA Basics

For the novice bettor, it is important to know that financial betting is unique and specialized type of betting market. While most betting markets are handled exclusively by sports bookers, financial online betting is also handled by specialized financial brokers. When a mobile bettor participates in a financial bet, they are essentially predicting what a stock is going to do in the future. The bettor can try and predict whether the stock will go up or down and by how much. So how does financial betting work? The first thing to know is that there are two main types of bets a bettor can choose from, namely Binary betting and Fixed Odds betting.

Fixed Odds Financial Bets

Fixed Odds financial betting allows mobile bettors to bet on the movements of various financial markets. Essentially, bettors will have the opportunity to bet on whether a particular financial market or stock will finish above at or below a pre-determined market level within a selected time period. This time period could be as short as five minutes or could extend to hourly or daily fluctuations.  Fixed odds bets pay a fixed amount on expiry and losses and are limited to the value of a bettor’s total stake. This makes fixed odds betting an ideal introductory betting style for bettors who are new to this particular betting arena.

Financial Binary Betting

Binary Betting is slightly different to fixed odds betting and leans more towards spread betting, but without the risk of losing more than your bet. In a binary market, one of two outcomes are possible, these being either WIN or LOSE. These are represented by 0 or 100. You can either buy or sell a binary bet. If you are buying a binary bet, you are selecting the market level to finish above the line at the end of your selected betting period. If you are selling a binary bet you are selecting the market level to finish on or below the line at the end of your selected betting period.

Starting Mobile Financial Betting

In financial betting, for a bettor to place a reasonable bet and get the best results, they must analyze the historical data and trends of the market they are betting on. In addition a bettor needs to take in consideration global news, current affairs and how global markets can affect the market he is betting on. For the novice bettor it is best to start out with a small fixed odds bet on a market they are familiar with. If you would like to get started with mobile financial betting, you can find a complete list of the great American-friendly online and mobile betting sites right here.