Mobile Election Betting USA

In America, the US presidential elections are widely acknowledged as the biggest major public event in a voting year. People all over the world watch in anticipation as the candidates battle it out for the highest seat in office. Before the race has even begun though, everyone has their own idea of who will be the lead candidate and who will win the elections. It is no wonder that online election betting has become one of the biggest betting markets in the US today and with it now available on your mobile its set to grown even bigger. With the US economy affecting many of the global markets, the implications extend far beyond US soil.  Every voting year, election betting dominates online betting sites with millions of people all over the world placing their bets on their chosen candidates.

Start Online Betting on Elections

It mays seem a bit odd but online election betting starts long before a new US president is announced. Held every four years the US presidential elections begin with nominations from the respective parties. The Democratic and the Republican Party are the most powerful and are generally the two major parties in the running. For both the Democratic and the Republican Parties, Primary Elections are held to determine their respective presidential candidates. From there, the parties face off for the presidential election where the nation votes for a winning party and a new president.

Primary Elections Betting

With online election betting, bettors can get in on the action right from the start. With the primary elections, bettors can bet on which Democratic nominee will be chosen as a presidential candidate. For example bettors can place a bet on Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren or any other nominee to win the candidate selection. Similarly bettors can also bet on which Republican nominee will be voted as the winning candidate. Bettors can choose any nominee including Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Chris Christie.

Presidential Elections

Once the primary elections are over, the battle between the parties begins. With online election live betting, bettors can bet on which party will win the election, if the winner will be male or female and finally who will be the new president of the United States. The bet for the election winner can be made in advance as a future bet with bettors choosing a winner before the primaries have even begun. Alternatively a bettor can choose an election winner after the primaries once the candidates are announced. Once a candidate is announced the odds drastically get reduced as the chances of a win has increased.

Online Betting on Elections

Before placing any sizable bet, there are a few things to take not of with online election betting. It goes without saying that anyone who bets on the elections should have a keen understanding of US politics and the respective parties involved. Bettors should know as much about the candidates as possible and the policies they are aiming to introduce or change. With the presidential elections there are many opinion polls that bettors can use to determine a winning bet. It is best to keep an eye on what the public feels is right as it is the public who votes at the end of the day.

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