Best Mobile Totes

The wide array of American-friendly sportsbooks this website features will help anyone interested in this type of horse racing betting to locate and enjoy the best totes in the country.

Totes betting is also known as pari-mutuel or pool betting, and is different from fixed online horse racing betting in that you are not able to access any information on the odds for your bets until the strike time has occurred and betting is closed, usually as the race starts off. The stakes that have been put forward for the bets are then totaled, and, after the sportsbook has received its percentage, this amount is split between the bettors who made the correct predictions.

Distribution of the Best Totes

The animals that are seen as those most likely to win first place usually attract more bettors, and so the winning can be slightly smaller than those made on surprise frontrunners. With fewer people laying a stake on the underdogs, when one of these animals wins the race the total is divided by fewer people and can put a little bit extra in your pocket.

Totes Betting Types

The American-friendly sportsbooks claiming to offer their customers the best totes will be able to provide you with a lot of different betting options beside the more widely recognized Win bet. Along with other popular options like the Place bet and Each Way wager, bettors can investigate exotic options like the trifecta, treble, sweeps, superfecta, box bet, exacta, doubles, treble and quadrella in order to find the one they like the most.

Win betting is the bet most American bettors are familiar with, even if they are yet to find out about the best totes options that await them. This is a great choice for more experienced bettors who are likely to have a large store of knowledge about the animal in question and the jockey in charge of it, as well as those who are in the process of discovering the ease, convenience and fun of mobile betting. All bettors need to do is nominate an animal to take the lead, and collect their portion of the win when the race has been completed. You can increase your take with a successful Place wager, nominating horses for first, second and third place, or widen the scope of your mobile betting with many other options.

Exotic Totes Betting Options

Perhaps the Exacta bet will help you find your best totes experience. This wager requires you to name the horses taking first and second place in the correct order, and the Trifecta adds the third place position. The best totes options are all available from the American-friendly sportsbooks available here, and your enjoyment of the horse racing events you love can not only help you win a substantial portion of money, but provide you with great entertainment while you are in the process of doing so.

Browse the best totes featured right here, and find a customized application for the smartdevice you will be making use of to lay your bets. Nokia, Blackberry, Apple and Samsung are all supported, among many others, and you will be able to find one that suits you quickly and easily.